Premium Pulse Oximeter Sp02 Oxygen Sensor

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Accurately measure Spo2 & Pulse Rate with alarm when Low Oxygen Levels or Abnormal Heart Rate Detected. Comes complete with carrying case and lanyard.

The Fingertip Pulse Oximeter accurately monitors SpO2, PR (Pulse Rate), PI (Perfusion Index), showing Pulse bar and waveform.

At home or in medical clinics, spot check or continuous measuring, The oximeter delivers flexible and professional measurement through user’s finger.

The device automatically powers on and starts measurement when the finger is put in. When the finger is out, the Oximeter shuts down automatically.

It can store up to 12 groups of SpO2 data in the built-in memory. When low oxygen level or abnormal heartbeat is detected, visual and audible alert will remind you. The device has a clean look and trendy design. It’s small enough to be put in pockets and fit to be used at home or health-care facilities.

1Pc* Oximeter (2 AA batteries not included)
1Pc* Instruction Manual


This product is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition.  It is not a substitute for medical evaluation.

Batteries are NOT included, they have been removed at manufacturing for accelerated delivery.